Vallance Security Systems can assist you in making sure you are compliant with current codes and occupancy ratings. We are professional fire alarm system installers in San Antonio, Texas. fire alarm system installers - fire image

The Silent Knight 5600 Micropanel is a 25-point fire alarm control panel designed to provide a cost-effective addressable solution to meet even the smallest specifications. It runs on only a single loop of standard wire, provides pin-point identification, and includes maintenance alerts and auto-programming. It also supports any combination of its own HFS detectors and modules.

The DMP XR500FC Series Command Processor Panel is a versatile 12 VDC, combined access control, burglary, and fire communicator panel with a built-in LCD fire command center keyboard with membrane key switch. You can use up to 15 supervised 32-character LCD keypads, expansion interface cards, zone and output expansion modules, and initiating and indicating circuit modules.


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